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Junior Bear
Junior Bear

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:31 am    Post subject: HEARTBREAKING LOSS Reply with quote

There have been some losses that, even today, I find hard to bear (pun intended). The ones that hurt the most are the "snatched defeat from the jaws of victory" losses, the "beaten on the buzzer" losses as opposed to the "We didn't turn up for the full eighty minutes" flogging losses. Of those last gasp losses, the ones that hurt are the ones we were not expected to win because we were undermanned due to injuries and suspensions. The recent loss to Newtown in Round 24 is a case in point. But there is one loss that burns inside my brain and sears my heart. To this day I rate it the worst experience, the lowest point in my lifetime of supporting the North Sydney Bears. It left me totally numb so much so that I only have vague recollections of the following week's Grand Final. This is significant because I have watched every single grand final since 1975 and can name every premiership winner since 1954, the year grand finals became compulsory. I am referring to the Grand Final Qualifier between Norths and St George in 1996. We had destroyed Saints earlier in the year at Bear Park by 42-0. This probably played a hand in our approach to the game as we almost scored from the opening set of six only to see Mark Bell take an intercept which changed the course and momentum of the rest of the game from which we never recovered. We missed our great shot at making a grand final, we would have played Manly in the decider and, having beaten them earlier in the year I was confident we could do it again on Grand Final Day. Too many "what ifs" about a loss which still hurts me deeply to this day, the single most devastating blow I have ever experienced as a Norths supporter. I wanted to share with you my feelings about this game. I have never met any of you but, across the "Great Divides" of distance, gender and age I love the fact that I can share with you people my passion for OUR beloved North Sydney Bears. I love the colours, I love the emblem, and beautiful, picturesque North Sydney Oval, our beloved "Bear Park. Just to hear the words "Norths", "North Sydney" or "North Sydney Bears" makes my heart beat faster. And yes, bears are my favourite animals (especially polar bears), I don't have a favourite colour, only favourite colours that always go together and can never be separated (red and black), my family nickname is the "Bear" and at uni people nicknamed me "Northy", and my initials NSMB also happen to stand for North Sydney Mighty Bears. The defeat in 1996, did not beat me or diminish my loyalty for even a fraction of a second. We will go on, we will fight and we will remain loyal because I know for a fact that, in us, Norths have the world's most loyal supporters of any sports team in the world. SAHCTMB!!!!!
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Grizzly Bear

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 6:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Beautifully put Northy! Applause

Huge pet peeve...people asking me"who do you follow now the Bears are gone?".....or it's so sad North Sydney don't exist anymore...grrrrrrr Brick wall

My answer always the same...I follow the Bears and they do live on....just not in the corrupt NRL....which is not a organisation I would aspire to be in to be honest.

As long as there is Rugby League, there will be the North Sydney Bears...and people like us Northy will be there cheering for them...and feeling their celebrations...and their disappointments. Rolling Eyes

It's great to be a Bear Very Happy
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